Mission & Vision:

The mission of the Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce is to act as a catalyst for creating local and international alliances in support of business growth through advocacy, education and cultural diversity.

The vision of the Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce is to be the leading resource for the growth of our diverse business community.


A Message from the Alamo AACC President

Dear members and prospective members of the Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce: Our chamber of commerce, in existence since 1996, has now become one of the fastest growing chambers of commerce in San Antonio. Asia and the promising opportunities in international business and trade have taken a more prominent place on everyone’s mind and our chamber of commerce is benefiting from that mounting interest. Our membership reflects this as well.  It continues to encompass a vibrant community of dynamic global-minded business professionals from an array of small, medium and large companies that include first and second generation Asian business-owners, as well as those executives working in San Antonio’s growth industries including biomed and research, engineering, healthcare and technology, and free trade, business and immigration law as well as those who promote Asian culture and serve in higher education.

Our mission is to support and advocate for you, our members, provide you with beneficial informative programs, and serve as a connecter for creating local and international alliances in support of job creation and business growth here in the Alamo City and South Texas.  As a group, we support education, advance the appreciation of Asian Culture, and collaborate with those who will advance our city’s economic goals in the areas of international business and trade, healthcare, biomed, technology, and renewable and sustainable energy. As we marked the lunar year of the Snake in February, we set a course to achieve five objectives centered on delivering more resources and benefits to you, our members.

Our first objective

Deliver more informative programs and networking opportunities 

This year we will continue to launch our signature programs titled Doing Business Asia.  We will also continue our Business Seminars and Workshops as well as mixers that will present tremendous networking, relationship building and business expansion opportunities for our members and prospective members this year!

Our second objective 

Coordinate and create a united voice among the nearly 70 Asian organizations that call San Antonio home 

Since the launch of  the Alliance of Asian Organizations in 2010 where we gather to share news, opportunities and discuss business initiatives. We will continue to cultivate our relationship among other Asian Organizations and convene regularly to discuss and implement ways that we can collectively support the city of San Antonio’s 2020 vision.

Our third objective 

Support our city’s relations with Asia friendship and sister-cities to attract more businesses to San Antonio 

As part of this endeavor, our chamber has begun hosting or co-hosting delegations to these respective Asian cities.  Currently, city of San Antonio has a total of nine (9) sister city relationship and five out of these nine are cities located in Asia and they are:

Gwangju, South Korea (Established 1981)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC (Established 1981)

Kumamoto, Japan (Established 1987)

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (Established 2008)

Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China (Established 2012)

We just recently completed a delegation trip to India in January 2013.  In 2014, our plan is to lead a delegation eithr to Japan or Taiwan.

Our Fourth Objective 

Expand Advocacy 

We will also continue to expand our focus on local initiatives that support small and minority owned businesses as well as issues at the state and federal level that could expand our city’s connection with Asian markets and consumers, and attract businesses from Asia to set up shop here.

Our Fifth Objective

The AAACC Educational Foundation 

We officially launched our Educational Foundation at the chamber’s Asia Pacific Heritage Month event in May 2012.  The chamber’s education foundation will support students seeking a classic education in business with an appreciation for the critical role culture plays in business relations. And, this foundation will focus on the following : 1.    Funding scholarships for students 2.    Establishing an Asian culture/commerce leadership program 3.    Implementing mentorship programs 4.    Supporting education and employment of Asian immigrants 5.    And, Workforce training.

We look forward to doing our part to support local students who are pursuing their dreams in our global community.

It is with my great honor to represent Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce as the new incoming president for 2014-2015.  On behave of our officers, board members and advisory board members, we look forward for an awesome 2015.




Alamo-Asian-American-Chamber-of-Commerce Chris Scott, President

Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce