If you have any questions concerning the Alamo AACC or membership, please feel free to contact us at the above address. I hope you consider joining us!


Act as a catalyst for creating local and international alliances in support of business growth through advocacy, education and cultural diversity.


Be the leading resource for the growth of our diverse business community.

What is AAACC?

The Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce (Alamo AACC) is an action agency designed to meet business community needs with primary focus on international business. It is a voluntary organization of individuals and businesses that band together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial, and civic interests of a diverse community. The Chamber serves a wide variety of functions on behalf of its members that individual members may otherwise find cost prohibitive from organizing on their own. It serves as a civic clearinghouse, a public relations counselor, a legislative representative at the local, state and national levels of government, as well as an information bureau and a research and promotions medium.

Bexar County – A Place to do Business

The Chamber strives to be one of the lead organizations in the growth and development of our community. The attractiveness and uniqueness of the community along with the many opportunities that exist in Bexar County continue to spur growth. With more than 60,000 local businesses employing about half the local population, Bexar County is attractive to businesses large and small. A robust service sector about 375,000 employees strong coupled with strong retail markets, caters to a higher than national average local median income – about $50,000 – creating an environment conducive to growth.

The Alamo AACC Helping to Shape Bexar County’s Future

The Alamo Asian American Chamber of Commerce develops and works to integrate the Asian business community into the established framework of Bexar County. As a member in the Asian American Alliance of San Antonio (AAASA), our members forge alliances with the greater San Antonio community by educating and expanding civic engagement and fostering community leaders now and for future.

Education Foundation

Through its Education Foundation, the Alamo ACC promotes leadership in youth and helps to build culturally diverse future leaders. The San Antonio Youth Leadership Program (SAYLP), jointly hosted with Communities in Schools, is a leadership program for middle school students. Modeled after other leadership programs for adults, this program cultivates and promotes leadership within middle school youth of our community. SAYLP is a week long program comprised of visits to corporations and public institutions that fuel growth in the Bexar County community.

What’s in it for me?


Your membership also makes you a recognized part of the Bexar County business community. Many businesses have told us that Chamber membership provided them an avenue to be seen as a legitimate and respected member of the business community. The opportunity to participate and be recognized as a community supporter and sponsor of community events carries with it the spotlight that says you are part of this community and that you want to play a strong part in the community’s future.


There’s no substitute for “eye-to-eye contact”. Participation through Chamber events will put you in contact with business and community leaders that are not only potential new customers, but also valuable contacts that can help you in your business and, quite often, personal endeavors as well.


One of the most important membership benefits of membership! The Chamber receives both international and national inquiries from both businesses and individuals regarding products and services. The Chamber refers these business requests to our members and by doing so sends new business your way.


The Chamber is an excellent extension of your marketing arm. We will gladly display your brochures on the Chamber website. Your membership also gets you an alphabetical and business category listing on the Chamber web site with a complimentary link to your website and e-mail. The Chamber’s website has become a tremendous resource for marketing Chamber member businesses and the community.


The Chamber represents you if you are not able to get involved and gives you a voice in the formation of things to come. It provides an opportunity to shape a newer more vibrant economic region attuned to the needs of its members. . We have a commitment to maximize your impact by speaking and acting through our strength in numbers and through listening to your needs and to your creativity.

Why should I join?

  1. No one person or individual business stands alone. The Chamber represents our community and the businesses within it in a unified manner that is beneficial to everyone. When the Chamber speaks on behalf of its membership, government and community leaders listen more attentively. The impact of our united business community is greater and together we become a more influential group.
  2. Your membership in the Chamber makes you a part of something larger than one business or one individual. Together we present a united front to the world beyond our borders and as a result become much more influential in the economic arena.
  3. Chamber membership is an investment in the present and future of the individual and community’s welfare. Together we can blend our talents to ensure a better community for all. It’s a win-win situation!
  4. You will have the opportunity to meet other community and business leaders and not only expand your local business contacts, but also create new relationships that will be beneficial to you, your business and your employees for many years to come.
  5. Your Chamber membership will offer you the opportunity to become an active partner. Through participation in Chamber events and programs, you and other representatives from your business will have the opportunity to play an active role in decisions that will affect our community. You can make a difference.
  6. Finally, it comes down to the fact that it is simply “The Right Thing to do”. As a business operating in the Bexar County community, you enjoy the local business climate and the quality of life that makes our community the place it is. Chamber membership is the best way to not only give back to your community, but to also play an important role in our future. Your membership makes you an active participant in your community and gives you the ability to make a difference.


Membership Levels

Individual Member ($100/annually); Non-Profit Organizations ($100/annually); Student Membership ($50/annually)

 Meet potential clients and build friendships through networking events

  •   Attend special events with foreign representatives, government officials and community leaders
  •   Access to business leads, contract bids and job postings
  •   Discounts to events, seminars, and workshops
  •   Opportunity to serve on Chamber committees
  •   Build your resume and business contacts with volunteer opportunities

Business Member – 25 employees or less ($250/annually), 25 employees and up ($500/annually)

  •   All Individual Member benefits
  •   Presentation opportunities at Chamber networking/seminars/workshop events
  •   Banner logo displayed on the Chamber website
  •   Company feature story in one of the monthly newsletters

Bronze Partner Member ($1,000/annually)

  •   All Business Member benefits
  •   Logo on the Chamber website
  •   Logo on all monthly Chamber newsletters

Silver Partner Member ($1,500/annually)

  •   All Bronze Partner Member benefits
  •   Logo or recognition at all Chamber networking/seminar/workshop events

Gold Partner Member ($2,500/annually)

  •   All Silver Partner Member benefits
  •   VIP invitation to exclusive annual board dinner